The new manufacturer of Global Crystal Dezhou can be expected

日期:2022/12/03   IA

Investment in semiconductor factories in the United States is booming, and new manufacturers in Global Crystal Texas can expect

The United States passed the Chip Act, which led to an upsurge of investment and construction of semiconductor manufacturers such as TSMC, Intel, and Micron in the United States. Universal Chip also built a new 12-inch silicon wafer plant in Texas, the United States. The legal person expects that with the increase in investment in the new factory in the United States, potential business opportunities for the new factory of Universal Crystal in Dezhou can be expected.

TSMC is expected to hold the First Tool-in Ceremony for the first batch of equipment in Arizona on December 6. US President Joe Biden and Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo will both attend the ceremony, which is highly regarded. International attention.

Over the past decade or so, semiconductor production capacity has moved to Asia. After the US-China trade war and the epidemic, European and American countries have realized that the proportion of local semiconductor production has declined, and their awareness of crisis has increased, and they are actively promoting the relocation of production capacity.

The production costs in the United States and Europe are relatively high, which is the trend of "anti-globalization". It is different from the previous business operation model. It is expected that the short-term local manufacturing of semiconductors will be an irreversible trend.

In order to promote the local manufacturing of semiconductors, the United States passed the Wafer Act and set off a wave of investment in semiconductor manufacturing plants. In addition to TSMC, many semiconductor factories including Intel, Micron, and Samsung have decided to invest and build new factories in the United States.

GlobalFoundries and foundry GlobalFoundries  are long-term partners. In the past, many achievements have come from the American market. In the first nine months of this year, the revenue from the American market reached NT$6.476 billion, accounting for approximately 12.49%.

Universal Crystal pointed out that with the continuous growth of US semiconductor manufacturing plants, the local supply of silicon wafers has fallen below 1%, and the shortage of local wafer supply is serious. The new plant in Texas will help make up for the gap in the domestic silicon wafer supply chain in the United States , will have a strategic position in the US semiconductor supply chain.

According to the legal person, in addition to the incentive measures of the US government, as semiconductor factories expand investment in the United States, it is expected to drive the growth of local demand for silicon wafers.